Monday, July 23, 2012

A Sunflowers Journey...

as of Aug 17

First off, the painting is NOT done yet! I only wished to share some of the process involved, as I started this piece back in early June.
  It was time to re-use and old stretcher frame.

Here is the Sunflower as of July 21. Alot has gone into just getting it this far.
So much more to go... all began because I wanted to use Fibonacci numbers in a sunflower painting. So once the canvas was stretched, the mathematics began. Argh.

Of course, being me, I also wanted texture. That meant filling in all the spaces between the lines, one gentle drop after another, going from both directions. This took more than a little time. Especially because I decided to do it twice. There just was not enough texture for me after the first pass, and I am a glutton for punishment.

Then it was getting the petal base coat on. Went fairly smoothly after the eye-numbing texture part!

Finally I could start to add color, once all the base coats had dried. I thought it would be nice to paint outside in the sun as I worked on the petals...the wind had other ideas, and after I had just painted the last bit of yellow, boom, down goes the canvas face first onto the concrete. It took me 3 hours to clean every spec of dirt out.

So then it was time to add more depth to the seed area. After this became brain chilling, I switched to getting some fill color in and the start of a basic background.
Was feeling pretty good about the progress at this point, knowing I have many hours left to really make it all sparkle. So Saturday I was once again outside, with flower firmly attached to the easel this time and got much accomplished.

So 2 months in, a fair bit done, a fair bit to go, the journey continues...

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