Monday, May 4, 2015


I recently had bicycles on my brain. It could be because it is spring time and they are everywhere. Especially when you are driving, they are either heading at you or right in front of you.

I have always loved bikes, ever since I was very young. My brother and I used to build crazy bikes from parts we found in the dump outside of Fort Nelson, using back tires for front tires, trying different forks on different frames, and getting them to work.

So I decided to create a series of bicycle paintings that took me through a few bike stages I had in my youth. Yet I wanted to use that head on perspective. So I went for it, with the thought of four paintings side by side that would make up a set. I finished them 2 days before the F.A.S.T. studio tour and was able to cut the frames, stain them and put them together the night before the tour.

The first person through the door purchased the entire set. Everyone who followed was a little put out.

Do not fret people, I have only begun down this pedal powered road and see new images on the horizon.

Fairfield Artist Studio Tour 2015

Once again I had a fantastic time opening my doors to you all and commend you for your exploratory spirit in wanting to enter! Some old faces from many of the tours I have done, and many, many new ones. A pleasure to see you all. The weekend was a great success, and that people, is all thanks to you. Stop by again next year, the Koi will be bigger, the plants lusher, and of course, there will always be new works for you too see.

PS Thank you for all the kind compliments, not only on my works, but my tiny home as well.