Saturday, September 3, 2011

Often life comes to this

Pedastal 12 x 36, oil on textured canvas.

Life can be very cyclical. Within those cycles you can choose to spiral inward or spiral outward. I'm choosing outward at the moment, even though this piece depicts inward. I painted it at a turning point. The funny thing is, I have worked on this image before. Originally it was a pen and ink sketch, then pen and pencil crayon on hardboard, transposed to a raw, un-stretched canvas and even painted on wood.
The latest installment of the piece is on textured canvas, done on a solo evening on Mayne Island. I like it very much. Its actually got me thinking it should be done as a large sculpture one day.
This is an image I tend to come back too and work on after some hard choices in my life. As the work grows from previous renderings, so do my reactions to what has happened in life. My sorrow, anger and despair goes into the work so I can move past it. This is healing. I doubt that my cycles are even close to being done with this imagery, but for now I can move outward.

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